370 – Hard(Measurements)

Leo’s ladder is 8 metres tall. Robert’s ladder is 7 metres taller than Leo’s. How many meters tall is Robert’s ladder?  

369 – Hard(Measurements)

Near the shopping mall, the white building is 9 metres tall. The green building is 2 metres taller than the white building. Which building is shorter?

368 – Hard(Measurements)

Stella’s house is 7 metres tall. Leah’s house is 3 metres taller than Stella’s. Zoe’s house is 1 metre shorter than Stella’s. How many meters tall is Zoe’s house?

367 – Hard(Measurements)

At the car showroom, the red car is 16 feet long. The yellow car is 3 feet shorter than the yellow car. The black car is 1 foot longer than the red car. Which car is longer than 16 feet?

366 – Hard(Measurements)

Evelyn’s candy bar is 12 centimetres long. Ella’s candy bar is 3 centimetres shorter than Evelyn’s. Chloe’s candy bar is 2 centimetres longer than Evelyn’s. How many centimetres long is Ella’s candy bar?

365 – Hard(Measurements)

On Andrew’s street, the white house is 8 metres tall. The blue house is 2 metres taller than the white house. Which house is taller?  

364 – Hard(Measurements)

At the boat dock, the yellow boat is 13 metres long. The blue boat is 6 metres shorter than the yellow boat. The black boat is 9 metres longer than the yellow boat. Which boat is shortest?

363 – Hard(Measurements)

Emma’s chocolate bar is 15 centimetres long. Isabella’s chocolate bar is 5 centimetres longer than Emma’s. Who has the shorter chocolate bar?

362 – Hard(Measurements)

Mason’s tennis racket is 22 inches long. Henry’s tennis racket is 4 inches longer than Mason’s. Jack’s tennis racket is 1 inch shorter than Mason’s. Who has the longest tennis racket?

361 – Hard(Measurements)

In the garage, the brown ladder is 12 metres long. The black ladder is 9 metres longer than the brown ladder. Which ladder is longer?

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