Course Title: Introduction to Graphic Design

Module 1: Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Lesson 1: Introduction to Graphic Design

Definition and history
Importance and applications in various industries
Lesson 2: Elements of Design

Line, shape, color, texture, and space
Understanding their significance in design
Lesson 3: Principles of Design

Balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm, and unity
Applying principles for effective visual communication
Lesson 4: Typography

Basics of typography
Font selection and pairing
Layout and hierarchy
Module 2: Graphic Design Software Tools

Lesson 5: Introduction to Design Software

Overview of popular design tools (Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity, etc.)
Choosing the right software for specific projects
Lesson 6: Adobe Photoshop Basics

Understanding the workspace
Working with layers and masks
Image editing and manipulation
Lesson 7: Adobe Illustrator Basics

Introduction to vector graphics
Creating and editing shapes
Working with the pen tool
Lesson 8: Adobe InDesign Basics

Layout design for print and digital media
Master pages and styles
Exporting files for different formats
Module 3: Color Theory and Application

Lesson 9: Color Basics

Understanding the color wheel
RGB vs CMYK color modes
Color harmony and schemes
Lesson 10: Color in Design

Psychological effects of color
Color in branding and marketing
Creating a cohesive color palette
Module 4: Branding and Logo Design

Lesson 11: Introduction to Branding

Importance of branding
Elements of a strong brand
Lesson 12: Logo Design Principles

Creating a memorable logo
Logo types and styles
Case studies of successful logos
Module 5: Layout and Composition

Lesson 13: Layout Design Principles

Grid systems and alignment
Visual hierarchy
Balancing text and images
Lesson 14: Composition Techniques

Rule of thirds
Focal points and leading lines
Gestalt principles in design
Module 6: Design for Web and Social Media

Lesson 15: Web Design Basics

Understanding user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
Responsive design principles
Lesson 16: Social Media Graphics

Designing for various social media platforms
Creating engaging visuals for online presence
Module 7: Final Projects and Portfolio Development

Lesson 17: Project Brief and Planning

Understanding client requirements
Developing a design brief
Lesson 18: Designing and Presenting Projects

Executing the design projects
Preparing and presenting a design portfolio
Conclusion and Graduation

Lesson 19: Professionalism in Graphic Design

Communication with clients
Ethics in graphic design
Freelancing and job opportunities in the industry
Lesson 20: Graduation and Q&A Session

Review of key concepts
Addressing student questions and concerns

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